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The Border Gaming Initiative




The Appalachian Regional Commission identifies much of Kentucky’s Eastern Border as “Distressed” or “At-Risk.”  This status has not changed significantly since Lyndon B. Johnson declared the War on Poverty here in 1964.

The Border Gaming Initiative can help improve these economies by creating good jobs for the citizens of this region.  These good jobs are home-grown and can be created by allowing the People of Kentucky to have a voice in changing the future of these beautiful mountains

Everyone deserves the chance to live the American Dream and have a good job, a roof over their head, a family to love and food on the table. In order to achieve this there has to be opportunities for people to seize and realize their potential.

*Source: U.S. News Article “Kentucky’s Retirement Debt Soars After Pessimistic Outlook” by Adam Beam

Create Good Jobs

Our goal is to create new jobs across the state with a focus on the Appalachian Region.  Many Kentucky families have struggled for years without good jobs and without viable options.  Our solution creates a new and sustainable industry that will support families without compromising Kentucky values.

the border gaming initiative

Our Goals

Help Solve the State

Pension Problem

Source: Appalachian Regional Commission,

Promote the American Dream

Jobs 4 Kentucky

Many young people dream of going to college, but then return to their hometowns to find little opportunities and burdensome student loans. We want to create jobs that will encourage our best and brightest to follow their dreams right at home and allow our communities to grow and flourish.